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Congratulation Peng Lei: Master of Public Policy

Peng Lei, aka "Bruce" to many of us, has now graduated from Harvard. Bruce was the first person I recruited in China. He was the leading person in China for the trade and investment work and soon become an influential thinker regarding global policy and business development.

When we, almost 10 years ago, started work with CSR as core business in China, China as an exporter of sustainable goods, transformative innovation as a key part for the 5 year plan, Sino-Indian collaboration, etc, these areas where almost unexplored.

I’m still reminded on a regular basis of the potential to deliver results with small investments in an area before everyone started to work on it. I have seen few people develop the analytical and operational skills so fast as Bruce did. I will never forget the dinner we had in Hong Kong after we arranged the first side-event ever with MOFCOM about sustainable trade during the WTO meeting in 2005.

Look forward to future adventure PL!