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Global Challenges Foundation now official

Press release 25 March 2013

Global Challenges Foundation: Margot Wallström and Johan Rockström enter the Board

Ms Margot Wallström, former EU Commissioner and Minister, and Mr Johan Rockström, Director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Professor of Environmental Sciences, take up their duties in the Board of the Global Challenge Foundation, which is set up by financial analyst Mr László Szombatfalvy. Both Ms Wallström and Mr Rockström will actively participate in the Foundation's activities as part-time Board Members. Ms Wallström will also be the Foundation's official spokesperson. – The global challenges facing humanity are not only a commitment but a human duty and a necessity to address before it is too late. It is a particular pleasure to be able to work on these issues with a long term approach and based on real facts, Ms Margot Wallström says.

The Foundation has also engaged as project manager Mr Dennis Pamlin, who has served inter alia as global adviser in macroeconomic policy and transformative innovation, as well as senior adviser within the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), one of Asia's leading think tanks.

Today the Foundation also opens its website:, where the purpose of its activities is presented in more detail.

Mr László Szombatfalvy has now financed the Foundation with approximately 250 million Swedish Crowns (equalling about 29 million Euros) and the same amount will be added if need be.

– I consider this to be a long term investment which can provide good returns, in particular in the form of reduced human suffering, Mr László Szombatfalvy says.

The Global Challenges Foundation wants to deepen humanity's knowledge and understanding of the problems and risks which our Earth and our existence is faced with and which we cannot handle due to the shortcomings of the current political systems.

Within the existing world order, the Foundation wants to reduce the risks of the truly big disasters that could hit humanity, by facilitating decisions on effective measures against the truly substantial global risks. At the same time, the Foundation wishes to accelerate the creation of a global legal system with far better abilities to effectively, efficiently and equitably manage the current and future global problems.

– Science clearly shows the need for a global transition to a sustainable world. This requires significant system changes and a global management structure, towards which this Foundation can contribute actively, Mr Johan Rockström says. For further information

Contact Ms Margot Wallström at or Board Member Mr Björn Franzon, at mobile phone +46 707 99 68 32.

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