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World’s first framework agreement for public procurement with focus on service and transformative solutions

I’m not 100%, but I think the world has just received its first framework agreement for public procurement with focus on service and transformative solutions (drop me an email if I’m wrong and I will update this post).

This is hopefully the start of one of the most important shifts to deliver real sustainability (more than incremental improvements in unsustainable systems). Public procurement is not only the biggest source of investment on the planet, it is also the investments that shape the infrastructure and establish a benchmark for further investments.

Kammarkollegiet, the body responsible for public procurement for all authorities in Sweden, released a framework agreement in the area of gifts and branding products. So instead of only asking for the traditional goods, like pens, scarfs and caps, there is now a focus on the actual service they is needed. This shift opens up for solutions like e-books, mobile applications and digital music.

This work was initiated as part of a pilot (see leaflet describing the pilot here) where Kammarkollegiet worked together with me (as responsible for transformative solutions) in the Public Procurement Committee. We selected one simple area where a shift would be simple to understand and easy to implement (branding- and gift products), and one area with significant impact where a lot of change is taking place that people are aware of (a shift form physical mobility to virtual mobility. This work is still on-going and results are expected end of this year.)

I have attached the main document  here so just click t0 download (but please not that it is not the full set of documentation and anyone interested in applying as a supplier or get hold of the full set the normal way). As it is in Swedish I have google translated a few key parts in it. Please note that the legal parts of procurement is not my area so I don’t know if Google did some strange mistakes, but the overall approach should hopefully be clear.

Regardless of the legal language below this is a very interesting first step and I look forward to further developments like this. Hopefully this will fly under the radar for a year or so that frontrunners can explore this in a constructive atmosphere.

+++++++++++++ 1.2.2. “The procurement is in the area of branding- and gift products, with the aim to satisfy the customers need of such products and services, or an alternative transformative solution (see 5.2.3.)” ++ 5.2.3. Transformative solutions Tenderers should be able to provide transformative solutions in accordance with chapter 9 chapter 9.1.1. Transformative solutions are procured through renewed competition. Transformative solutions refer to a shift from only giving away “things” like pens, bags, umbrellas to also give away smart service such e-books, mobile applications and ringtones, etc. In dialogue with the authority that conduct the procurement the tenderer should work to solve the branding and gift needs through transformative solutions.. Confirm that the requirement is met (Yes/No) ++ 11. Transformative solutions Transformative solutions are defined as solutions that contributes to at least 80% reduced resource use and CO2 emissions compared with the conventional way of providing the function/service. Demand can be defined, or points can be provided for how a shift from branding products to branding service can be provided and what options that exists, i.e. how can a shift in the tradition to give away things as pens, bags, umbrellas, to also give away smart service like e-books, mobile applications and ringtones, take place?