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Chen Deming and the worlds energy future

Today, the same day Chen Deming, formally was appointed new commerce minister it was up on Wikipedia. Would like a little more analytical parts on Wikipedia, but apart from this it is an amazing tool.

This might be one of the most important person on the planet when it comes to a sustainable energy future. The fact that he's been called both "the most powerful – yet least known – figure in China’s booming energy sector" and "technology geek" is something I hope will make the upcoming reports about ICT and reduction of a billion tonnes CO2 something he will take a closer look at...

Few in the energy sector manage to both understand how the energy system works and also understand that the challenges/opportunities are on the demand side (not the production side). With Chen we could get a strategic person who focus more on sustainable construction and smart controlling of energy use and less on construction of coal power plants. Is the world ready?