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The climate discussion 30 years ago in Sweden – can you spot the difference?

Found this clip on YouTube when Olof Palme talks Shirley MacLaine. It is from 1977 and a few minutes are spent on the energy issue. Those talking about climate as a new issue should remember that it was used as an argument to defend the investments in Nuclear Power in Sweden already then, and that the nuclear plants should only be there as a transition… Sounds frightening similar to the discussions today here in Sweden 30 years later.

If we need to change the energy system in about 8 years to avoid dangerous climate change we should remember that a lot of people in power today have seen pretty much the same discussion for more than 30 years without changing, even if the danger/promises then focused on nuclear meltdown/transmutation and today it is coal (climate change/CCS).

When will we see an end to the focus on end-of-pipe solutions like transmutation and CCS?

The whole interview (energy part 22:30-28:30) can be found here.