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Microsoft Surface – an end to retailing and design as we know it?

We go to stores as we want to get a better feeling for what we are buying. Companies like IKEA have built their business around this idea. With climate change challenging us to rethink the way we build societies that is dependent on resource inefficient solutions (like bringing out a few people to a store in a vehicle that weighs tonnes and depend on fossil fuel) we must think in new directions.

During our meeting with Microsoft in Paris Bill Gates was also there. Part of his presentation was about the “Surface” (a project that he was obviously enthusiastic about and said that he will continue to work on). I hope to explore the surface further and its potential implications for a more resource efficient society.

I do not think Bill will ever get his s
nowboard together and someone did not do a good job in preparing the demonstration in Paris, but it was inspiring to see the surface in action. ;)