Reflections are only that, reflections, nothing more nothing less. Often these reflections are related to books I read, but occasionally also other things. These are often written very late, very fast,  using notes from my mobile phone, so the grammar and spelling is horrible.

Under a Green Sky - but not here in Delhi

Spending time here in India, doing my best to support those who want to take transform a society still struggling to provide the basic needs for people, it is easy to feel caught between the urgent needs of today (and just continue in the footsteps of those who have better lives at the expense of the planet) and the needs of tomorrow (and feel that we have a lot in front of us).

What fascinates me is the great amount of energy being invested in denial and horror stories in the West, and so little in action. Here in India I have a similar feeling as in China. It is about result and legacy.

Still, I enjoy books that make you think about the historic context you are in, and the idea behind "under a green sky" is thought provoking. Have a look at this article in Wired, or buy the book, then act.