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IKEA and a 2020 strategy with transparency

Working with IKEA is often very fascinating. Last week about 70 people met (about 10 external and 60 from IKEA) to discuss the future for IKEA over three days. How many companies (or NGOs or governmental agencies for that matter) would allow external stakeholders to participate in their strategy development?

No issues where to challenging to discuss and if the energy can be turned into actions IKEA could become a real sustainability leader looking at delivering transformative change, not just incremental improvements. And maybe most important at all, with a focus on how to make money in the process by looking at the core business of IKEA, i.e. how they can deliver a low carbon living and become a winner in a low carbon economy.

Hopefully we will see words turn into action during 2008

Picture taken 2005 when I visited IKEA in Shanghai