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Next generation of change makers, or conference tourists?

Attended the the LSU annual global conference, arranged in cooperation with WWF. The theme was Climate Change: Youth Perspectives on Security, Peace and Democracy. I always have mixed feelings at these kinds of events. On the one hand there is so much energy and potential on the other hand there is a risk that many of them will turn into people either working within systems that are part of the problem, or taking on the role as an outsider and never really engaging in the work that is needed to move from dreams to reality.

Maybe we are now in a situation where this will not happen and a new generation will not accept compromises and lack of concrete results. Maybe they will be willing to work in networks that look beyond current structures? I’m keeping my fingers crossed and hope to do what I can. One thing that I really want to see happen is “a change maker’s guide in the 21st century” that can help a new generation to move beyond report writing and seminars…