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Phase two over and time for the joint report with Gartnerg

Did a joint presentation with Simon Mingay at the Gartner Expo in Barcelona this Monday, "Gartner and WWF's 'Green Rating' for Major Vendors". It was the results from the second phase of our joint project to assess IT companies. We now have a quite impressive list of leading IT companies and how they approach environmental issues, with a special focus on climate change. Especially the opportunities they have identified. Some real surprises.

In Barcelona we presented some information that the framework can help with, such as:

who’s mainly talking and who’s done their homework

who’s interested in helping customers with new services in a low carbon economy and who’s standing right where they are

Who’s changing the rules of the game and who is playing it and who’s only watching

the Battle of Giants (e.g Microsoft vs. Google) is it a blind leading a lame, you decide…

Was also happy to see Mike Yorwerth from Tesco there and we discussed briefly to “translate” the framework from the ICT sector so it also could be used in other sectors, such as the retail sector… There are now a number of companies that have shown interest in this and this could be a project for the fall once the report is out.