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Carbon-rich Nanomaterials from China for a low carbon future

Had a great meeting with a team of professors from the Nanomaterial Research Group at the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology of China (NCNST) here in Beijing. We discussed the nanotechnology project that I run together with Eric Drexler. We agreed to start cooperating and the first steps include:

1: Help to translate the folder about Nanotech into English (don’t think I have posted the project description, but will try to do this as soon as possible). Look into translating the roadmap Eric developed earlier.

2. Look into a joint seminar discussing ways forward for nanotechnology in China

3. Develop a short folder building on the work NCNTC have done. Preliminary title:” Carbon-rich Nanomaterials for a low carbon and resource efficient society - Delivering tomorrows energy solutions with today’s state of the art technology“

Nanotech is really an area that deserves a lot more attention and the fact that NCNTC already has an integrated approach (thinking about how different nanosolutions can work together) this could be really really really interesting.

I look forward to further work with Zhiyong Tang, Linjie Zhi, Bao-Hang Han and Zhixiang Wei. With people like this saving the planet is no big problem…