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Joint work with Ericsson

Sunday the 8th of June I participated at Ericsson’s GMC where I did a presentation and Carl Henrik Svanberg, the CEO of Ericsson, and I announced the joint project between WWF and Ericsson in two parts (one internal and one external).

External project to position Ericsson as a winner in a low carbon economy (ICT as a provider of Climate Change Solutions). The project will quantify and achieve emissions reductions through the use of ICT solutions. It will show how providers of ICT solutions can play a leading role in providing services that allow societies to increase welfare and reduce energy use at the same time.

Internal emission reductions, Ericsson will together with WWF to set targets for the internal emissions and work to develop standard forms for reporting in this area. This would include both the positive and negative contribution to CO2-emisisons.

After a six years of discussions it is great to see that we finally found a way to move forward together.