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The governments in Denmark and UK both have green IT strategies now

Interesting to see how the world is moving toward a perspective when IT is seen as an opportunity. Denmark has an action plan and UK have a Green IT strategy to encourage more sustainable use of IT. Denmark even encourage export of low carbon IT solutions to countries like China and India.

Would be good to do a quick survey around the world to see who is doing what. Japan is leading the work in many ways, but there might be other countries with interesting work going on. I wrote a suggestion for the Swedish Government together with Ewa Thorslund from the Swedish confederation of IT companies three years ago I think, still valid and the Danish Action Plan actually include a few of the key recommendations we had. The recommendations are quite obvious so might just have done that without looking at the work we did.

As the work continues on an EU level it would be interesting to see how the commission could get its act together and show some leadership.

Here in India Tata Communication “announced the launch of its Telepresence services, the first ever offering to deliver both private and public Cisco TelePresence rooms to businesses across the world. This groundbreaking service will enable a broader ecosystem of connected rooms for enterprises and their partners” earlier this month. Would be interesting to calculate the potential CO2 savings from this initiative. Here is the link to the press release on Tata's homepage.