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Wipro and WWF will work together to support a low carbon economy

Less than six months ago we sat down with Wipro to discuss the structure of a possible collaboration. And now the partnership agreement is signed (left picture show Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro and Ravi Singh, CEO WWF India signing the partnership agreement). The two full days invested in joint strategy work was well invested (as well invested as time can be before the actual results have been delivered). We worked out the more detailed structure and explored different opportunities. It is always a pleasure to participate in processes where the challenge is that there is too many really good projects to work with.

Here is the press release sent out:

Wipro and WWF sign a Partnership Agreement for Sustainable Development

Bangalore, August 6, 2008: Wipro Limited, a leading IT solutions and services company, in partnership with WWF India, one of the largest conservation organization in the country, today unveiled an initiative exploring the use of Information Technology to drive sustainable development – directly dealing with issues of climate change, water & waste management and biodiversity conservation. It is an attempt to develop ideas and actions for sustainable growth based on relevant dimensions of environmental sustainability. The initiative was unveiled in the presence of Mr Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited and Mr Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO, WWF India, in Bangalore today.

The initiative intends to tap the synergy between Wipro’s IT Innovation, R&D deployment and systems approach and WWF’s deep expertise in areas of ecological sustainability, catalyzing relevant solutions and leadership in global advocacy.

The two organisations will collaborate in the areas of innovative IT and R&D applications for environmental sustainability. Some of the areas of joint work would be related to IT solutions as drivers for low carbon economy such as virtual meeting enablers, environment friendly ICT products, devices and systems that drive energy efficiency of a variety of economic assets and advocacy for ecologically sustainable standard practices in the IT industry. Other areas of joint work would include optimizing the ecological footprint of Wipro’s own operations and biodiversity conservation through pilots on Wipro’s campuses and WWF priority sites.

Mr.Azim Premji, Chairman, Wipro Limited said, “Innovative IT Applications, and relevant R&D Services will be key drivers for becoming a low-carbon economy. Information Technology must play a critical role in catalyzing ecological sustainability”

Mr. Ravi Singh, Secretary General & CEO of WWF India said “We are now in a phase where the unsustainable trend of increased CO2 emissions and overuse of natural resources is undermining the future of the planet. Progressive institutions must move outside their comfort zone and join hands to address this challenge. IT solutions can play an important role in reducing CO2 emissions and we are looking forward to the partnership with Wipro to set an example.“

Wipro has a leading position in Global IT and R&D Services, a significant presence in ultra-pure water equipment and green lighting solutions, and is also offering eco-energy solutions to its clients. Its initiative for communities, Wipro Cares, has taken up biodiversity conservation. Wipro continues to explore how it can play a pivotal role in ecological sustainability.

WWF is one of the leading conservation organizations in the world, working on key areas of environmental sustainability including biodiversity conservation and climate change. WWF believes that role of business and industry is rapidly gaining importance in the area of sustainable development and that it is important to develop partnerships between environmental organizations and B&I.

Wipro runs a corporation wide initiative - Eco Eye, which drives ecological sustainability. It is a comprehensive program that drives increasing ecological sustainability in all its operations, as also areas of its influence. The initiative attempts to engage with increasing levels of intensity with all stakeholders – Wipro’s own employees, partners, suppliers, customers and immediate communities. It will focus on areas such as how to become carbon positive (i.e. contribute more to emission reductions than the company emits), water balance, waste management and bio-diversity. WWF will be a key partner for Wipro in the Eco Eye program.

WWF India through its Climate and Energy Programme, aims to bring in a paradigm shift towards climate smart development. A core element of the programme is to look at resource smart solutions for ecological sustainability and low carbon economy. The programme will work in strategic partnership with Wipro to bring a transition towards low carbon development path.

This partnership is another sign of how fart things are moving and the kind of innovative approach some leading companies in the emerging economies have. I really look forward to this project. I actually started to work on a possible report on the plane back from India as I hope we will have results ready for the India Economic Summit and NASSCOM CEO Summit, more later.