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CDP launch in China

The first CDP China Report was launched in Beijing International Hotel. With only five replies from 100 companies the presentations and discussions were more interesting than the report. I also remembered how hard Peng Lei had to work to get a 30% response rate on our report about Chinese Companies in the 21st century a few years ago so I was not surprised.

The two key presentations were done by Dongzhi Yu from ICBC and Jennifer Jiang from Merrill Lynch. Both presentations were of very high quality and with focus on the core business of the banks related to a low carbon development and what they are doing. I really hope that we will see more of these kinds of presentations in OECD from people in the finance sector, especially these days.

Then there was a "panel" where I participated together with Allan Zhang, Director, PwC and Richard Shi, Director, China Entrepreneur Club DCE sitting on the chairs on stage. Chairing the session was Feng Jia, Deputy Director, MEP. Our discussions focused mainly on the opportunities mong Chinese companies to become winners in a low carbon economy.

Hopefully the future development of CDP and other instruments that support a low carbon development will focus more on the winners in a low carbon economy and less on today’s big emitters.

UPDATE 29th October: Chinese article with pictures