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India-China Conclave 2008: Redefining sustainable leadership

The most important “axis” in the 21st century might be the Sino-Indian axis, and in that axis the sustainability links could be seen as the most urgent. While the work in this area is almost totally ignored in the “west”/OECD a lot is happening in China and India. One very interesting event, where I have the honor to be a moderator for one session is the India-China Conclave 2008. An event where the approach and themes discussed are in line with the 21st century. I just got some more details about the event, please see the ICEC webpage for more information.

India-China Conclave 2008 is the 4th annual event under India China Economic and Cultural Council’s (ICEC) India-China Economic Programme. The conclave will be held on 20 -21, November 2008 in New Delhi. The conclave is organized by ICEC Council in collaboration with China Chamber of International Commerce and Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. The conclave strives to increase awareness of the many opportunities in India and China for economic cooperation.

Sectors to be discussed in depth:
v Information Technology
v Telecom
v Financial Services
v Infrastructure
v Power and
v Healthcare
v Environment