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Shanghai on a smart low carbon city development path

Participated in a workshop about “Shanghai Public Building Energy Consumption Supervision System Progress Report & WWF Low Carbon City Initiative Workshop” in Shanghai. The way IT can be used to create intelligent cities is not well understood, but this project in Shanghai can hopefully increase the understanding about the potential.

XU Qiang, Chief engineer at Shanghai Research Institute of Building Science, did a very interesting presentation and there are clear links to projects that can encourage decentralized energy solutions and even virtual meetings. So it is a clear case of a project with significant "low-carbon feedback" potential.

Beside mr. XU the following persons attended:
Ms. CHEN Xiufen, Deputy Head Officer, Building Admin, Shanghai Urban Construction
and Transportation Committee (SUCTC)
Mr. WANG Baohai, director, Shanghai Energy Efficiency Office
Mr. CHEN Yijin, director, Develop Dept of Shanghai EE service Center
Prof. TAN Hongwei, Research Center of Building EE, Tongji University
Dr. TIAN Zhan, Researcher, Climate Change Center, Shanghai Meteorological Bureau
Ms. Ann-Sofi GAVERSTEDT, Project Manager WWF/IKEA Climate Projects, WWF
Ms. HUANG Miao, Head, China-OECD relations, Climate, WWF Sweden
Mr. Stefano BROWN,S & E Manager, Retail, IKEA Group
Dr. WANG Limin, Deputy Operation Director, WWF China
Ms. CHEN Dongmei, Director, Climate Change & Energy Programme, WWF China
Mr. ZHENG Ping, Business Energy Efficiency Officer, WWF China
Mr. ZHANG Yifei, HCPCP Programme Communication Manager, WWF China
Ms. WANG Qian, Climate Change Mitigation Officer, WWF China
Ms. LI Yuan, Communication Coordinator, WWF China
Ms. Aaron LEE, Project Leader, BCG Consulting
Ms. LI Jie, Consultant, BCG Consulting