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Can homeworking save the planet?: Edited by Tim Dwelly and Andy Lake

A book with an article I wrote a while ago is published: “can homeworking
save the planet?”

Thanks to Tim Dwelly and Andy Lake for great work. It is an important contribution to an issue that is strangely overlooked in times where we need new thinking that deliver real CO2 reductions.

Two small things:
- The title is a little misleading as I think that most authors talk about “flexible work” rather than homework, but that is a minor thing.
- I think I wrote “From workplace to anyplace: a key to saving the planet” not “From workplace to anyplace: the key to saving the planet” as a title. Even if a shift from workplace to anyplace would be a significant shit away from our industrialized society I would not call it “the key”… Again a minor thing and please have a look if you are interested in an issue that could play an important role in the climate battle.

The thoughts are to a large extent inspired by the work with HP and also a study that we have developed with Microsoft and that soon will be public.

The report can be downloaded here

Or here:
Or here