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From Carbon Neutral to Climate Positive: The first workshop


During the BSR conference in New York we arranged a workshop (actually Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt did most of the work and without her it would not have happened). It was a really interesting event and both Olle from IKEA and Pierre from HP made presentations that more people should see as they clearly showed that some companies ready to provide positive climate contributions.

Pankaj from WRI did a really interesting presentation about the next generation of reporting guidelines. With an introduction of secondary effects (that would include the consequences during the use phase, e.g. reduced traveling using laptops) a fantastic opportunity would exist for to report on what their products and services contribute to during the use phase (and not just the emissions assosiated with the use phase).

Below is the invitation and the list of participants (some titles are not updated).

From Carbon Neutral to Climate Positive

Exploring the next steps for proactive climate work in companies

In a time when leadership and proactive work is needed WWF would like to invite you to a workshop where we approach companies as part of the climate solution – instead of the problem – and explore what this would imply beyond rhetoric. The focus for the workshop is to explore the next generation of climate reporting and strategies for companies that want to give an overall positive climate contribution.

If you are interested you are welcome to a closed informal session to discuss two things;

First, how companies can and should report their positive climate contribution, i.e. how they contribute to reduced emissions in society. WWF is exploring the concept of “Climate Positive” that represents a situation where a company is contributing more to reductions in society then it is emitting. This would result in a situation where for example it might be good for a company to increase its own emissions.

Second, how a strategy for delivering this could look like for a company and what collaboration between stakeholders that is likely to deliver on a Climate Positive agenda.

Objective and expected outcomes

Explore the opportunities for companies to become “Climate Positive” and the interest for this. Discuss the pros and cons with a Climate Positive approach. Explore opportunities to calculate the Climate Positive contribution, how rewards for these contributions could be developed and strategies to deliver.


A small informal workshop with maximum 20 leading thinkers in the area.


Darrel Stickler, Global Supply Manager Board-Mount Power Products, Cisco

Jonathan Shopley, Executive Director, The CarbonNeutral Company

Pankaj Bhatia, Director, GHG Protocol Initiative, World Resources Institute

David Rich, Associate in the Climate and Energy Program, World Resources Institute

James Farrar, Vice President Corporate Citizenship, SAP

Susan Popper, Senior VP of Integrated Marketing Communications, SAP

Pierre Delforge, Worldwide Energy and Climate Programme Manager, HP

Mikael Blommé, CSR Department, HM

Bryan Jacob, Environmental Technologies Manager, The Coca Cola Company

Henrik Sundström, VP Group Sustainability Affairs, Electrolux

Steve Lippman, Director of Environmental Engagement Strategy, Microsoft

Tomas Bergmark, Head of Social & Environmental Affairs, IKEA

Olle Blidholm, Development Manager, Social & Environmental Affairs, IKEA

Mike Baker, Store Manager, IKEA Brooklyn US

Lisa Davis, Environmental Manager, IKEA US

Tracey Kelly, PR Manager/Assistant to Country Manager US, IKEA US

Matthew Banks, Senior Program Officer - Climate Change, Business & Industry Program, WWF US

Lizzie Schueler, Director - Business & Industry Program, WWF US

Cecilia Stenström, Corporate Communication Manager, WWF Sweden

Ann-Sofi Gaverstedt, Project Manager Climate & Business, WWF Sweden


During BSR I also participated in a panel "Is IT So Green?" with

Dunstan Hope, from BSR

Rick Hutley, from Cisco


Steve Lippman

, from Microsoft. It was a good session and Rick and some good concrete numbers on his slides.