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Nasscom CEO Summit: India’s IT sector stepping up to the global climate and sustainability challenge

Participated at the Nasscom CEO summit in Kolkata in a session called “Green IT”, chaired by Tamal Dasgupta, Locational Head, Wipro. The discussion and response was great and I hope that the work we are doing with Wipro can help trigger further work and collaboration. No other country might have a better opportunity to take a global lead when it comes to low carbon/highly efficient IT solutions. The infrastructure is still under construction and if India include IT in its infrastructure planning it could be the first major country with a 21st century infrastructure.

The fact that there was a session at the summit is a sign that a leadership is emerging and if the response is an indication of the energy and interest we will see a lot of things happening the next few years. Hopefully Nasscom will play a leading role in this development.