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CeBIT is moving in the 98% direction

This graph is a very rough overview of what the companies in the Green IT exhibition was communicating. It was just me walking around talking with people and looking, so it is not a scientific assessment. But it is clear that the IT sector is moving towards a 98% perspective… (see xls attachment for short comments)

The panel at the German-Californian ICT Business Summit in CeBIT was also very encouraging. The perspective that we need a 21st century infrastructure and insight about existing innovations from Brian McGowan, California's Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and Commerce, was refreshing. I think there will be synergies to my work there. Not the least as Arnold right before we started the panel both mentioned IT and Biotech as key sectors that drive innovation and delivers smart solutions…

Martin Jetter, General manager IBM Germany, also presented a concrete and visionary perspective with focus on cities, growing global population, demographic trends, etc… On top of that he announced that IBM will arrange seminars/conferences to focus on smart city solutions, so there might be opportunities for collaboration there as well.

More of these sessions would be nice to see. Fabian Bahr, Head of International Affairs and Mario Tobias Head of Technologies & Services from BITKOM, are really helping the IT Sector becoming a winner in the low carbon economy. Thanks!