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A new G2 in Asia: From op-ed to reality with leading CEOs showing the way

I want to thank everyone for the feedback on the article in China Daily about the new G2 (I will try to reply to you, but please resend if I don’t). One reason for being slow in responding is that Asian companies like Suntech and Suzlan are moving to the centre of the discussion.
I think yesterday was the first time that Shi Zhengrong and Tulsi Tanti were on the stage together and it felt like an historic moment. When these two low carbon heroes to put their heads together there is hope for the future (I could not resist a photo of these two brilliant minds together).

After short discussions with both Shi Zhengrong and Tulsi Tanti I hope to be able to support new innovative projects with both and hope to report back soon as we move from idea to implementation…