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Next week I will participate at this event in Boston. I really look forward to this and it feels like a very good follow-up from B4E last week. Demonstrating low carbon innovation and climate positive in reality.

Ericsson - taking you forward
Ericsson Pavilion
Fan Pier Race Village
28 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA 02210

Public Policy Roundtable: Exploring the role of technology in meeting the climate challenge

You are invited to a roundtable discussion, “Exploring the role of technology in meeting the climate challenge”, on Friday, May 8, 3:00pm-4:30pm, at the Ericsson Pavilion, Boston Harbor, hosted by Ericsson, the world’s leading provider of telecommunications technology and services, in collaboration with the newly inaugurated Columbia Climate Center of the Earth Institute.

Participants include leaders from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) private sector, public policy makers, academia, NGOs, media and other key stakeholders.

The telecommunications industry is creating and linking opportunities across sectors such as transport, energy, and health for socio-economic development, job creation and low carbon solutions. Industry and academic estimates show that smart use of ICT can offset global CO2 emissions by at least 15% by 2020. Ericsson believes that an innovation-driven climate agenda would deliver significantly higher reductions than 15% and are now exploring ways for innovative telecommunication solutions to help support low carbon development.

We are bringing together thought leaders to discuss the role of the ICT sector in addressing climate challenges and the role technology can play in finding tangible solutions. This dialogue is critical to bringing public and private partners together to tackle these critical issues and highlight a new way of thinking about carbon emissions – that is being “carbon positive”. It is also a step to putting the ICT sector on the agenda for policy makers and governments when it comes to reaching their carbon emission targets – focusing on the industries such as ICT that can make transformative change.

The prestigious panel of speakers include:
Jeffrey Sachs, Director, Earth Institute and Special Advisor to UN Secretary General
Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO, Ericsson
Dennis Pamlin, Global Policy Advisor, WWF
Dan Schrag, Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences, and Director, Harvard University Center for the Environment
Gavin Schmidt, Author of “Climate Change: Picturing the Science”
Cynthia Rosenzwieg, Leads cllimate impacts research at NASA's Goddard Institute

Space is limited so please respond by May 4, to Elaine Weidman, VP Sustainability, Ericsson

Detailed logistics will be sent upon your confirmation of participation.

With best regards,
Carl-Henric Svanberg, President and CEO of Ericsson and
Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University