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Fantastic team with great potential: SEVS –Safe, Electric and Hybrid novel VehicleS

Participated in a really exiting process in Gothenburg (invitation can be downloaded here). This can deliver results in world class and influence how mobility is delivered in the future. I look forward to this and hope to report on amazing results.

From the background in the paper:
”The future demands sustainable mobility solutions for people as well as goods. Sustainability solutions demans no or, low emissions, safety and affordability. In November 2008, the two Centres of Excellence SAFER and the Swedish Hybrid Vehicle Centre (SHC) hosted a very inspiring seminar on these issues, which resulted in a joint application to FFI, Fordonsforskning och Innovation. With an approval from Energimyndigheten and Vinnova, the SEVS project (Safe, Electric and Hybrid novel VehicleS) was initiated in August 2009. The project is a research project with the following partners: SAFER, SHC, AB Volvo, Autoliv, Sicomp/Swerea, SP, Volvo Cars, VTI, Saab Automobile and Scania.”

The seminar happened the same day as China and US signed a “U.S.-China Electric Vehicles Initiative”, see below:

“U.S.-China Electric Vehicles Initiative. The two Presidents announced the launch of the U.S.-China Electric Vehicles Initiative. Building on the first-ever US-China Electric Vehicle Forum in September 2009, the initiative will include joint standards development, demonstration projects in more than a dozen cities, technical roadmapping and public education projects. The two leaders emphasized their countries’ strong shared interest in accelerating the deployment of electric vehicles in order to reduce oil dependence, cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote economic growth.”