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The revolution from pre-Kyoto to post-Copenhagen (Companies and a low carbon economy): Article in CII- Sustainability Tomorrow

Here is an article I wrote about the post-Copenhagen situation "Companies and a low carbon economy: The revolution from pre-Kyoto to post-Copenhagen" in the new issue of CII's magazine "Sustainability Tomorrow".

It discusses how different groups of companies have moved between pre-Kyoto and post-Copenhagen. It shows a clearly increased polarization in the climate discussion. One group focus mainly on problems and incremental improvements among the major emitters (this is the old environmental discussion dominated by oil/coal/car companies with many western environmental NGO's together with staff from ministry of environment). The other group focus mainly on opportunities, transformative change for global equity and how new smart solutions can be provided (this is the new emerging group with entrepreneurs, solution companies/high-tech companies, development NGO's + parts of the environmental organizations).