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The 21st Century Office application is now up and running

This is a really amzing project and I hope to write more about it later. For now I just paste in the letter that was sent to different thought leaders that contributed to the project.

This Earth Day April 22nd, a 21st Century office application will be launched together with a short movie about the possibilities of a 21st Century Office i.e. a transition towards new ways of working that will save time, money and CO2. This 21st Century Office application is targeting office workers everywhere and will be available on:
1. the web
3. as an app for Android: market://search?q=pname:com.karmeye.office21

It is already featured as number 2 under "What's hot" in AppStore and as 9th Top free business app! (see attached)

The is an independent project supported by WWF, made possible through a grant from HP. It has been created as an open source project, written and distributed under the GNU General Public License.

The 21st Century Office application allows people to:
- measure their CO2, time and money savings from new technology solutions for smarter office work
- share, geotag, use and rate ideas how to achieve a 21st Century Office
- see where in the world ideas were first generated and then follow to see where the idea has been used
- twitter and e-mail ideas and test results to challenge others to participate and work smarter
- build up a database that can be used to create tailor-made roadmaps for a transition to a 21st Century office
- see a short movie that explains the difference between a 20th century and a 21st century infrastructure
- and a few more functions…

Too many functions in one app? Maybe, or maybe these kind of integrated solutions will contribute to new tools being developed to help society move towards a smart, low carbon, high-tech future. A development with solutions that nine billion people can use.

In the same way that the Wright brothers created something more than the sum of a propeller, wings, engine, etc we believe that today’s entrepreneurs have the possibility to combine different parts of the web to create the transformative tools we need for a better future. We have done a rough draft of a tool that we hope will contribute to the kind of transformative change we need. Please see for yourself. (attached is also a more thorough background document)

Thanks for your time,

the 21st Century Office team

We also have a teaser ready for the movie that we hope you will enjoy and if you like it, please spread to your network of people you think this might benefit. Full short movie will be ready 1st of May.

Suzanne Pahlman and I are exploring the possibility to launch a new web-page with “transformative applications” that will list and review the most transformative applications every Quarter. If you are interested, please let us know.