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New report: Transformative Transparency (part of the low-carbon leaders for transformative solutions)

Here is the report Transformative Transparency. It is one of the most interesting papers I've written during 2010 (the work started in 2009 and have direct linked to the 2002 book, savings the planet at the speed of light) and 2-3 projects are already under development based on the findings.
Transformative transparency: definition
Transformative transparency occurs at the threshold point at which massive amounts of data on goods, services, or even individuals, can be accessed instantly, in ways that allow users, or programs, to make decisions and provide immediate feed-back.

At such a point, an interactive “reality search engine,” i.e, a situation in which objects and events in reality, not words or sentences on the web, are processed, becomes possible.

This requires an infrastructure with high connectivity and a critical mass of users who engage with this information. The current situation with smart phones and connected devices indicates that we have just arrived at this point.
The report can be downloaded from the Transformative-Solutions page, or directly here.