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Major Global Risks Workshop with Actuaries (IFoA)


Over the last century the world has changed in profound ways, caused by rapid developments in science and technology, population explosion and a greatly improved but very resource-demanding standard of living in the developed world. As a result we now face new global risks with the potential of severely affecting billions of people.

These risks are big and take no account of borders, yet they are poorly understood by both the general public and policymakers. Insuffcient understanding of these risks and short-term thinking that does not consider potential catastrophes might well put current and future generations at risk.

Raising awareness and developing tools that will help decision-makers understand the true dimensions of major global risks is a key priority for the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and for the Global Challenges Foundation.

This workshop will bring together experts from the actuarial profession, policy, economics, science and the risk profession to discuss how a risk approach can help inform policy responses to these challenges. It will identify best practice and the potential to share lessons from different risk areas.

Here is the invitation: Major Global Risks Workshop