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Green IT or Greening with IT at CeBIT? IS it 2% or 98% that we need to focus on?

Looking at the agenda for CeBIT (where I will attend) it looks very much like a 2% agenda (ITs own emissions). There are themes of 98% (the possibilities for IT to help society to reduce emissions with solutions like virtual meetings and smart buildings), but still the most of the focus seem to be on the 2%... This is obviously OK if this is what CeBIT and the companies would like to focus on, but I think it will be the last year 2% and 98% will be mixed… The balance between the two will depend on where CeBIT would like to go but I think we will se the 98% area and the 2% area more separated in the future…

I hope to find time to create a rough 2/98% index when I’m there and also ask those attending what they think about the balance/focus…

Maybe it is the names that are creating confusion, and maybe we should separate between “Green IT” and “Greening with IT”? See below for what seem to be an emerging consensus.


Low carbon IT solutions/Greening with IT/ the 98% potential
refer to the low carbon IT solutions like virtual meetings, smart buildings, smart grid and dematerialization that can help to reduce emissions significantly.

Low carbon IT/Green IT/the 2% emissions
refer to more energy efficient IT equipment that help reduce the emissions from the IT sector itself.

I realize that I'm not sure on what panels I will participate, but here and at one more event at least...
I will try to measure the balance between 2% and 98% at CeBIT and will come back with the results.