Reflections are only that, reflections, nothing more nothing less. Often these reflections are related to books I read, but occasionally also other things. These are often written very late, very fast,  using notes from my mobile phone, so the grammar and spelling is horrible.

Budapest for Sustainability day 2009

Five years ago there was the “First European Conference on Telecommunications and Sustainability”. There I met Katalin Szomolányi and we begun our collaboration. One of the most well-known outcomes from this collaboration is the roadmap “Saving the climate @ the speed of light”.

Now I was in Budapest again for Sustainability day 2009.

Things have really changed over these five years and one of the things I saw was Ericsson with the material that was just was released 9th of September (see picture with Anita Veszeli from Ericsson).

I hope some of the participants was inspired by the day and that they will start projects that will contribute to a new generation of solutions. Maybe I will be back in Budapest in 2014 to see how far these ideas have developed in five years…