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ETNO's "Cool Connections" in Brussels

Participated in a panel at ETNO's "Cool Connections" event. I was surprised by the lack of links between the project presented and the actual policy agenda, it really felt old and not really up to standard compared to what ETNO done so far. ETNO is an organisation that was way ahead of most in Brussels. Back in 2004-2005 (before most people who talk about smart ICT had woken up) they supported the joint ETNO-WWF project “Saving the Climate @ the Speed of Light”.

I suggested two project that I hope to be able to develop further with ETNO to deliver real results in a time when people write reports and arrange seminars in order to understand what happens. I will develop them and send them to Michael Bartholomew who has been a strong supporter of a solution agenda with a strong innovation focus all the time. Below is the outline for the ideas and we’ll see if it will be some exciting things coming out of Brussels in 2010.

A two prong strategy for ETNO in moving the smart telecom agenda to the next level.
1. Implementation: Smart buildings and transport in reality
> Webinars/round-tables and interviews Best practice and ways to accelerate uptake of smart solutions in the building and transport area. Focus on how existing barriers can be overcome and creation of new constellations. It will build on existing work that has demonstrated that the solutions are possible. Now the focus in on actual implementation and how investments and revenue streams start to move in a low carbon direction.

Investment: €150 000 (including project leadership, design and printing of report + dedicated web-page + seminar in Brussels and selected member states)

2. Continued thought-leadership
> The development is fast in the ICT sector and the opportunities to use tools that did not exist a year ago is often ignored by slow institutions. In the same way that ETNO was ahead with low carbon, it can set the agenda for new ways to deliver transformative change, in a way that also engage people. The project would explore transformative changes in new IT enabled areas. Especially the following three: Connectivity of things, Miniaturisation/ubiquitous computing and augmented reality

Investment: €75 000 (including writing, proof reading, input from thought leaders, design and printing of report)

The panel at the event:
> Jo Leinen, Member of the European Parliament, Chairman of the Committee on Environment, Public Health and Food Safety
> Fabio Colasanti, European Commission Director General for Information Society and Media
> Colum Joyce, Director, IMR World. Mr Joyce is an expert in e-business strategies.
> Danilo Riva, Telecom Italia, Chairman of ETNO Sustainability Working Group