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Mobile summit 2008: Game over – What parts of the IT industry is ready to talk about content?

Another conference where people focused almost all attention on the 2% (IT’s own emissions not the 98% of the emissions in society that IT can help to reduce). Interesting is to see that there is a war within the 2% box. Some arguments made sense, like showing that the handsets are less important than the network (1% compared to 99%). Still the most important question now is how IT is used and what IT-solutions that are provided. Would be interesting to see where the resources to reduce CO2 are spent and what the drivers are.

One area that I would like to explore is if companies that focus on “entertainment” and see future revenue streams from games, music and other “trivial areas” are more likely to focus on the 2% (as they can’t really defend their emissions). Companies that actually provide low-carbon solutions obviously have a greater incentive to show that their own emissions might have to increase in order to reduce the overall emissions. I hope to explore this further.