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Wipro supports WWF’s new report

As the first CEO in the world Azim Premji Chairman & CEO of Wipro, have provided a comment for my new report about IT: Outline for the first global IT strategy for CO2 reductions: A billion tonnes of CO2 reductions and beyond through transformative change.

“Enabling the world’s poor to move out of poverty can get dramatically accelerated by innovation and resource efficient solutions. IT can provide multiple solutions to drive these innovations and improve quality of life; while at the same time enable sustainable use of natural resources, including reduced dependence on fossil fuel

The WWF report is timely and Wipro looks forward to joint work with WWF, to ensure that more sustainable IT solutions will become available. Wipro has begun to build a portfolio of investments that will create possibilities and opportunities for sustainable business. We will also partner with regional, national & global groups as part of our sustainability initiatives in energy, water, waste & biodiversity.”

Azim Premji Chairman & CEO of Wipro

I hope to get comments from two or maybe three more CEOs from different parts of the IT value chain.