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Size matters: 400 millions that could use sustainable IT solutions in China

China mobile now have more than 400 million subscribers…

I’m waiting for a response from China Mobile on the next steps in our project (we are already working on case studies with them). For obvious reason this is a priority project. In one month they increased with almost the whole population of Sweden. (Increase in May for China Mobile: 7.49 million, Population in Sweden: 9.20 million).

The rapid development makes it hard to keep up. Even the traditional experts are not using the right numbers. An example is Dominic Barton, Chairman at McKinsey Asia did a presentation at the Even Treasury and Finance Conference Asia Pacific 2008, last week. He had a slide stating that “CHINA MOBILE HAS MORE THAN 80 MILLION MORE SUBSCRIBERS THAN THE TOP FIVE US CARRIERS COMBINED”. This was based on 301 million subscribers. About 100 million or 30% off the mark.