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Short movies from China about a low carbon future

The first stage in the collaboration between Communication University of China (CUC), GlobalFOCUS and WWF, called "Visions for the future, from the future", is now over and we have nine short movies about a low carbon future. It is a really exciting project and we will now do a final revision of all the movies before we launch them and some of the artists will go to Europe to present the project.

From CUC the following was in the jury and made the project possible:
Lv Xuewu, Vice President, CUC
He Suliu, Deputy Dean, TV & Journalism School, CUC
Lu Shengzhang, Professor, Animation School, CUC
Zhou Wei, Professor, Movies & Arts School, CUC
Qin Yuming, Associate Professor, TV & Journalism School, CUC

One person that should not be forgotten Lin Zhouying, she has been the project leader at CUC, without her this would never have been such a great success.

This is from the folder that we published for the first screening: The word is changing fast and China is re-emerging as one of the leading actors on the world scene. Over the last years China’s economic role and impact on the environment has been discussed in international media. China is already the world’s second largest consumer of energy and China has become a crucial link in the global supply chain that connects resource providers and end consumers. The country is often described as the ‘manufacturing factory’ of the world. While the reality is of course more complex, it is true that much of the production capacity in China exists to meet the demand for products from primarily OECD countries. This new situation brings both opportunities and challenges. It is important to understand the impact we have on the environment. Even more important is to find inspiration for how we can solve the problems we have. The Communication University of China (CUC), WWF and GlobalFOCUS are working together and as a fist result 9 top short films was selected from more than 100 applications. They are all done by a new generation of artists in China.. The common theme for the short films focus is the theme “An Attractive Low Carbon Future”. All the artists come from CUC, they are young, passionate, creative, ambitious and concerned about sustainable development. They use animation and short films, along with various techniques, to voice their concerns, views and opinions. They see China’s development as an opportunity for global sustainable development. They acknowledge the enormous problems that exist, but more importantly, they see opportunities. Their contributions focus on sustainable urban energy solutions. They are inspired and they want to inspire others. Their perspective provides a glimpse into the perspective of China’s future generation. These nine movies is an invitation to discuss not only the situation and role of China but to start a truly global dialogue about visions that exist for the future.

I look forward not only to the final version of the movies and the European tour, but also to the next phase of the project. We will obviously make the movies available on the web, maybe even on a separate webpage.